Cooling Off Featuring Denielle Gill

August 16, 2016

Model: Denielle Gill

Golden Hour Featuring Becky Olson

August 13, 2016

Model: Becky Olson Makeup: Kym Davidson

Light One Up Featuring Heidi Gwaii and Sarah Sophia

August 10, 2016

Model: Heidi Gwaii Model: Sarah Sophia Makeup: Kym Davidson

Beach Days with Mikayla Mifsud

August 4, 2016

Model: Mikayla Misfud Agency: Key Models Makeup: Ksenia Ogolikhina Sunglasses: Dicks Cottons

The Naked Truth featuring Alyssa Bennett

July 28, 2016

Model: Alyssa Bennett

A walk around with Tina Pham

July 26, 2016

Model: Tina Pham

Getting Cozy featuring Madison Welch

July 19, 2016

Model: Madison Welch Makeup: Micah Gilbert Stylist: Danielle Muntain

Nature Walk featuring Brook-Lynn Rankin

July 15, 2016

Model: Brook-Lynn Rankin Makeup: Shayna Coumont

Ruff Life featuring Alyssa Barbara

July 12, 2016

Model: Alyssa Barbara Makeup: Riley Ferguson

Lady in Red Featuring Brittany Paige

July 7, 2016

Model: Brittany Paige